Welcome to our website of "Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.".
Bodet & Horst China is a knitting company producing mattress ticking for mattress manufacturers globally.
Creating new trend and innovation, as well as creating following our customer’s requests and specifications we provide a vast range of knitted mattress ticking, as well as tricot, velour, jacquard velour, non-skid, and 3D spacer fabrics.

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Bodet & Horst Germany founded in 1961 in Germany. The company is based on a total quality control system, combined with constantly developing innovative products which offers added value to our customers.
We retain a Design Centre in Germany feeding the production base in China, from where we serve an international market.


"Bodet & Horst Germany" began exporting mattress ticking to China market in 2005. In 2009, manufacturing in China was established : "Bodet & Horst Textile (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.".

This production facility is fully German owned and was established to supply a "German Quality’ mattress ticking to China, Russia, and other Asian markets.

"B&H China" follows closely German quality control systems, and uses the latest technology electronic jacquard knitting machines from Germany and Japan. All parts, needles, oils needles are imported from Germany to ensure the machines are kept in best condition, to produce the highest quality fabrics, and most important for our customers - knitting faults can be minimized during the knitting process, achieving a less-fault or even zero-fault knitted fabric, saving our customers valuable materials and time in their final mattress quilting, manufacturing process.

To maintain our quality and innovation B&H China is in very close contact with the leading textile research institutes in German and China, leading raw material suppliers, the best machinery manufacturers, as well as the most famous chemical suppliers.

All yarn and chemical suppliers are Oeko-tex certified, based on this B&H China also provide dozens of finished ticking to Testex Switzerland annually for testing, giving us Oeko-tex Annex 6 Certification.

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Products from B&H China offer include:
  • - Single and Double electronic jacquard knitted fabrics
  • - High elastic knitted fabrics
  • - High-definition fine gauge knitted fabrics
  • - Velour, Jacquard velour
  • - Washable Non-Skid fabric
  • - 3D – Spacer fabrics
  • - Mattress Cover
  • - Customized according to requirements...

We deliver to a lot of famous mattress brands in China and throughout Asia such as:


B&H China export to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, The Middle East, and Europe.

We always insist on our craftsmanship for constantly optimizing our whole range products, in order to keep all our customers satisfied to work with us!


B&H China provides high quality mattress fabrics, with individual service for different customers upon their requests, such as :


  • Sanitized 14-14
  • Sanitized 27-24
  • Sanitized 99-19
  • Sanitized PM
  • Silverplus AGP
  • Polygien AT300
  • Microban AEM5700
  • Probiotic DC
  • Greenfirst NK-10
  • Sleepfresh etc.


  • Lenzing Tencel
  • Lenzing Micro Tencel
  • Lenzing Modal
  • Lenzing Micro Modal
  • Lenzing Carbon Zero Tencel
  • Green Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Affrica Cotton
  • Cashmere blended
  • Silk blended
  • pure nature Silk
  • Linen blended
  • Hemp blended
  • Bamboo etc.

Wellness and other functions

  • CBD
  • Outlast – sensitive
  • Q10
  • Qi-Tex
  • Coolmax All Season
  • Thermic PCM
  • Sea Cell
  • Fragrances
  • 37 degree
  • UHMWHW Icy yarn
  • Aloe Vera – soft touch
  • Avo New – soft touch
  • ilk Protein– soft touch
  • Simple Dry


Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.

ADD: Building No.15, He Ping Lu Standard Factory Premises of Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, No.688, He Ping Jie, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
Postcode: 314001
TEL: +86 573 8220 3082
FAX: +86 573 8220 3092